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Guru Dutt Energetic Songs Download [MP3]

Guru Dutt or Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone (Konkani/Tulu: ಗುರು ದತ್ತ್ ; Hindi: गुरु दत्त) (9 July 1925 - 10 October 1964) was an Indian film director, producer and actor. He is often credited with ushering in the golden era of Hindi cinema. He made quintessential 1950s and 1960s classics such as Pyaasa (Thirsty), Kaagaz Ke Phool (Paper Flowers), Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (The King, the Queen and the Jack) and Chaudhvin Ka Chand (The Fourteenth Day Moon). In particular, Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool are now included among the greatest films of all time, both by Time magazine's "All-TIME" 100 best movies and by the Sight & Sound critics' and directors' poll, where Dutt himself is included among the greatest film directors of all time. He is sometimes referred to as "India's Orson Welles". In 2010, he has been named the list of CNN's "top 25 Asian actors of all time".
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  1. Babuji Dheere Chalna
  2. Chal Diya Bande Nawaz
  3. Hum Tum Jise Kahta Hai
  4. Jane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji
  5. Jata Kaha Hai Diwane
  6. Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar
  7. Mera Yaar Bana Hain Dulha
  8. Sakhiya Aaj Mujhe Neend Nahin
  9. Sar Jo Tera Chakraye
  10. Sharma Ke Agar Kyun Pardanashi
  11. Suno Suno Miss Chatterjee
  12. Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan
  13. Zara Samne Aa Zara Aankh Mila


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