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Soch Lo Songs Download [MP3] [2010]

SOCH LO is powered by very good cinematography with great sound in a thriller love drama made with entire new cast and crew. The film is written and directed by debutant Sartaj Singh Pannu. It stars Barkha Madan, Iris Maity, K.P Nishan and Sartaj Singh Pannu. It is the first 'Indie' film in India to upload its show reel on You Tube to accumulate funds for completion.
The music of the film is given by Mehboob, Charu Moohan and Nitish Pires and lyrics penned by Prashant Ingole, Charu Moohan and Sibtain Shahidi.
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  1. Dedh Inch Oopar (Honeymoon) - Charu Moohan
  2. Dedh Inch Oopar - Charu Moohan
  3. Faani Dayar - Master Salim & Charu Moohan
  4. Kasera - Nitish Pries
  5. Mera Yahaan Hai Kaun (Female) - Bianca Gomes
  6. Mera Yahaan Hai Kaun - Nitish Pries
  7. Save Me Destiny - Mehboob
  8. Soch Lo Theme - Instrumental


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